Super Y Coaching Slate

2009 Girls - Nicole Schweitzer (Head Coach) and Carlos Cartagena (Assistant Coach)

2009 Boys - Marc Abel (Head Coach) and Christian Sorto (Assistant Coach)

2008 Girls - Aex Carrillo(Head Coach) and Marco Borba(Assistant Coach)

2008 Boys -  Eber Martinez (Head Coach) and Christian Sorto (Assistant Coach)

2007 Girls -  Patrick DaCosta (Head Coach) and Jimmy Toms (Assistant Coach)

2007 Boys - Brandon Webster (Head Coach) and Carmen Suarez (Assistant Coach)

2006 Girls - Marie Schweitzer  (Head Coach) and Nicole Schweitzer (Assistant Coach)

2006 Boys -  Eber Martinez(Head Coach) and Marc Abel/Marco Borba(Assistant Coaches)

2005 Girls - Patrick DaCosta (Head Coach) and Alex Carrillo (Assistant Coach)

2005 Boys - Patrick DaCosta (Head Coach) and Jimmy Toms (Assistant Coach)

2004/2003 Girls - Brandon Webster  (Head Coach) and Carmen Suarez (Assistant Coach)

2004/2003 Boys - Marc Abel(Head Coach) and  Eber Martinez/Carlos Cartagena(Asssistant Coaches)

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